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Terms and conditions of service

SAS The LAc Canoes


Art 1: MODE of RESERVATION: You can book a cruise and other services via the internet, social networks, travel agencies, phone, email or mail from the company.

Art 2: ACOMPTE: To book a cruise and other services you must complete the booking form with the payment of a 30% down payment of the chosen service. The booking will be considered accepted following the sending of the booking confirmation by LAC CANOTIERS Any customer signing a contract on behalf of a group of people is considered to be the agent of that group and as carrying strong from the others. people, which he expressly accepted

Art 3: PRICE: The price of the cruise and all other services must be paid in EUROS. The balance of the benefit must be sent to us 90 days before the departure date. In the event of a booking made within 90 days of departure, the entire amount must be paid at the same time as the booking. In case of reservation on the dock, the price of the service can be paid just before boarding.

Art 4: PERSONAL ASSURANCES: As the fare does not include personal insurance, baggage and travel cancellation, we recommend that our customers check with their insurer that their policies cover these risks.

Art 5: ANNULATION: In case of cancellation, notified in writing sent in followed letter, email with accused of reading, sms with accused of reading, made by the customer, the compensation due by customers are:
More than 90 days before departure, the price of the benefit will be reimbursed under the deduction of an administrative charge of 100 euros.

From 89 to 60 days before departure, 30% of the price of the service will be due with a minimum of 200 euros

Less than 60 days before departure, 50% of the price of the service will be due with a minimum of 300 euros

Art 6: MODIFICATIONS: We reserve the right to modify all or part of the itinerary according to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, administrative or judicial decision regarding the stoppage or suspension of navigation by the authorities, breakdowns of the works and  all other cases of force majeure. The duration of the journey is given as an indication, so it can vary. Our services will be confirmed no earlier than in the previous 4 days, as soon as we have a favourable and reliable weather report. Shipping is governed by the law of 18 June 1966, amended by that of 21 December 1979, 23 December 1986 and 1 December 1988; The skipper cannot be held liable in the event of a schedule change or the cancellation of departures due to force majeure, fortuitous or otherwise. Of course we are committed to informing our passengers as soon as possible in these cases.

Art 7: REFUS DE EMBARQUEMENT/ DEBARQUEROBLIGATION: LAC CANOTIERS reserve the right to refuse a reservation without having to justify its refusal. The boarding of the children is the entire responsibility of the parents or the person accompanying them, wearing the vest is mandatory. The Lake Canoeists reserve the right to refuse to board any person/animal that does not offer the safety guarantees of good navigation and to disembark any person/animal that would pose a danger to navigation without having to justify its decision.

Art 8: prohibition of smoking: For comfort and safety it is forbidden to smoke on the boat.

Art 9: RESPONSABILITE CLIENTS: By booking a service, clients recognize the existence of risk by travelling by boat, slip, fall, injury, death or personal injury. Customers recognize that LAC CANOTIERS and the skipper are not responsible for injuries, illnesses, deaths or loss of personal items that a passenger would have to suffer during a cruise regardless of the reason for the injury, illness, death or loss of any object and whatever its value. Swimming is permitted during stopovers, under the sole responsibility of the customer. Under no circumstances can the loan of swimming equipment be equated with a supervised nautical activity.

Art 10: PRICE / SUPPLEMENTS / SURTAXES/ CAUTIONS: The price of the service is calculated on the basis of the maximum number of people allowed according to the characteristics of the boat. If the benefit is intended for a group formed, regardless of the number of people, the rate applied will be that of a full boat even if the number of persons is less than the total number of people possible to board. Each destination represents a round trip for the boat to return to its home port unless the skipper has a waiver. Our rates are accurate at the time of publication, but we reserve the right to adjust them occasionally. They include an estimate of the price of fuel made at the date of the mandate. Our offers are not cumulative unless expressly stipulated and can be withdrawn at any time. When the client signs the warrant, he agrees to pay the amount of the deposit indicated. Upon returning from the cruise if the skipper does not notice any apparent damage, your deposit will be returned to you as soon as possible.

 In the event that we find that the vessel and/or its equipment have been accidentally damaged or lost during your use, the customer will be liable to the skipper and/or service providers for all losses and damages incurred as a result, and at the (maximum) value of the bond paid at the base. In the event that we believe that the loss or damage was caused to the boat and/or its equipment during the period of your use due to your fault or irresponsible conduct, you will then incur your responsibility towards us and/or the service providers.  all of the losses and damages we would have suffered as a result. In both situations, we reserve the right to retain, if necessary, part or all of the deposit paid. We may use all or part of the deposit you have deposited to repair any damage caused to the vessel or its contents during the period of use, including, in a non-limited manner, including the costs incurred for lifting the vessel necessary for a comprehensive assessment to assess the damage to the vessel.

Art 11: COUTS NAVIGATION: All services have a common fixed cost including the preparation and storage of the boat and port manoeuvres. This explains why fares are not proportional to distances or times travelled. In addition, our prices are related to the change in the cost of fuel.

Art 12: COMMUNICATION: As references and advertising actions, the SAS The Lake Canoes is allowed to reproduce or disseminate all or part of data from a cruise or event on its website or on any other communication medium it might make  custom. The customer states that he has collected the express permissions of the third parties in the cruise or event data and thus frees the Lake Canoes from any third-party recourse against him to prohibit the publication of or seek damages.

Furthermore, in the context of the use and distribution by the client of photos, videos, written or audio extracts from the event whose organisation has been entrusted to Les Canotiers du Lac, the client undertakes to systematically indicate the words "Organisation: LES CANOTIERS DU LAC".

Art 14: ASSURANCES OF BATEAU AND CONCIERGERIE PRESTATIONS: Each professional concerned is regularly and professionally insured for his service. A lack of insurance would be fully liable. The customer will contact the supplier concerned directly (boat rental, concierge service) to report the defects of execution and realization.

 Art 15: FORCES MAJOR : The circumstances included under the term "force majeure" include any event that LES CANOTIERS DU LAC or the provider of the services in question could not in any case foresee or anticipate such as (by way of example and in a non-exhaustive manner) a war, a threat of war, a riot, a civil or social conflict, a terrorist attack and its consequences, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, natural disasters, unforeseeable technical transport problems, closed or congested ports, closed or congested locks, cyclones or other adverse weather conditions, floods, epidemics, health hazards, pandemics and any other such events.

 Art 15: RGPD: The personal information carried on this mandate is stored in a computerized file only for the purpose of ensuring the execution and follow-up of our services in the light of the current legal regulations and the commercial promotion of our only benefits. This file will allow the customer to access online services and manage their user profile if necessary. Its information will be kept for a period that cannot exceed 3 years and can also be deleted at any time on request (by mail, email (, sms. For any information, the customer can contact the CNIL.

 Art 16: LITIGES: If you have a claim to make during your cruise, you should immediately let our skipper know. In the event of litigation and only after an amicable solution has been set, the signatory parties agree to take their dispute to the Chambery Courts ( 73).



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